We introduce in the company new fundamental knowledge, leading practices and innovative technologies. At each stage of work Apercon consultants develop strategic thinking of CEOs and prepare company for new business rule. 

Management consulting


The purposes of projects performed by the Apercon company on management consulting can always be different, however, their meaning one — insuring success of the company in the market.

Human-Resources Management

управление трудовыми ресурсами

Human-Resources Management — a set of activities, allow developing and implementing an effective system of retention, management and control of the effectiveness of the company’s staff.

Development and Introduction Quality Management Systems

системы менеджмента качества

Construction of quality management systems and increase its effectiveness will provide your company a new level.


Financial Management

финансовый менеджмент

The Apercon Company will help you with practical implementation of the financial plan, directed on support to profitability of the company for the purpose of capital appreciation.



The Apercon Company provides an integrated approach in the solution of business tasks. Now, a necessary condition for effective development and functioning of your company is implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) — system.

Training center

тренинговый центр

Business trainings are the training method allowing in a short time (from 1 to 5 days) increase overall performance due to acquisition of practical knowledge, training of abilities and improvement of professional skills.