Strategic management

Strategic management — is a guarantee of consecutive, structural and effective development of the company. At each stage of work Apercon consultants develop strategic thinking of CEOs and prepare the company for new business scale. 

A strategy is a generalized model of the actions required to achieve objects that are set. The Objects- these are the key results aimed by the company in its activities. By setting particular objects, management formulates those main reference points on which all activities of the company and its staff shall be focused. To work effectively, managers put before the company (organization) the specific, measurable, pertinent, stimulating objects for a certain period of time. Development of the effective objects strengthens incentive motives, establishes accurate reference points of activities and creates a clear picture of expected results. Typical objects are associated with the achievement of a company market share, growth of the business, its profitability, rentability and other characteristics.

The choice of strategy performs company management on the basis of the key factors analysis characterizing its condition and environment, product portfolio, and also nature and content of implementable strategy. Unified strategy does not exist. Each company is unique, process of strategy development is specific, as it depends on the market position, dynamics of development, resources, behavior of competitors, consumer properties of goods or rendered services, state of the economy, the cultural environment, etc. At the same time, there are fundamental aspects that allow allocating some of the generalized principles of company strategy development. The key factors influencing the choice of strategies are primarily study the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

If you submit a set of strategic objectives in a structured chain, then at the highest level of the hierarchy will be vision, and at the lowest level – the system of indicators, describing a vision in quantitative categories.

  1. Analysis of the company and external environment: Factor analysis – SWOT-analysis – Risk analysis – Scenario Analysis of company development.
  2. Strategy formation: Vision – Purposes – Economic model – Project Session – Business and Functional strategy – the program implementation Plan.

At each development stage of strategy regular monitoring (control, adjustment, planning, and management) is performed.

During strategy development and deployment Apercon consultants act as business partners of the director, as full participants of management team. The most important decisions are jointly modeled, thus the team of strategists considers possible consequences for the organization as a whole and an external market position of the company. If it answers the accepted criteria and the purposes — strategy brought into life.

Strategic management — is guarantee of consecutive, structural and effective development of the company. At each stage of work Apercon consultants develop strategic thinking of Chiefs and prepare the company for new business scale.

  • determination the actual position of the company on the market and forecasting its changes;
  • formulation principles of business behavior for company/group of companies;
  • creation of a strategic development model;
  • finding key success factors;
  • writing the strategic scenario and creation the strategic plan for development of the company or separate directions of business.