Management Audit

Every manager would like to see problems in company activities from outside, a “fresh” look. In this case we cannot handle without skilled and experienced external consultants.

Why audit of a management system can’t be conducted independently?

For company Executives it is very difficult to determine by external symptoms actual reason of problems. For example, by such a fact as the decline in profitability can stand poor marketing, low staff motivation, poor cost management and a variety of other reasons. An accurate “diagnosis” requires two conditions:

  • Fresh outside look on business, free from the existing stereotypes and independent from company management;
  • Availability of professional competences and experience in this work.

If you feel the need for changes in the company’s management and planning such a change – this service is for you.

Service consists in development and description of the management system actual for your company.

For this purpose we carry out express inspection in company, we analyze specifics of your business, condition of management and operational processes, their compliance to the established strategic objects of the company, level of implementation of information technologies.

By results of inspection we determine actual reasons of problems in your company and we offer the priority directions of actions according to their decision, presented in the form of a reorganization plan of management system.

Thus, you receive the reasonable answer to a question “Why, what and how exactly it is necessary to change in our company that in the shortest terms to improve productivity and efficiency of work?”

Management audit can be conducted, according to your preference, for achievement of various objects and at different level of complexity:

  • Integrated diagnostics of the company (analysis of the strategic and operational management of the company, business processes, identify problems and their causes, the analysis of regulating documentation, analysis of information systems , etc.);
  • Analysis of separate, priority business processes (identification of problems and analysis of their reasons, development and deployment of actions for productivity and process performance increase, elimination of losses, etc.);
  • Analysis of regulatory guidance documents of the company, identification of problems and their reason; the analysis of need of updating regulatory documents.

The main purpose of rendering service is the analysis of the directions to increase the effectiveness of company management system of the Customer.

For this purpose achievement within the project the following tasks are carried out:

  • company organizational structure analysis (the assessment of key parameters of an existing management system of the company and its compliance to the established strategic objects and tasks that are set);
  • structuring and analysis of management processes;
  • selective analysis of business processes;
  • analysis system of indicators, which are using for management;
  • analysis of regulatory guidance documents;
  • identifying ways to improve the effectiveness of management processes;
  • determination of the possible directions to increase the efficiency of existing business processes.
  • Company business strategy, including a market position, the integrity and consistency of the set strategic objects, their understanding by managers and staff, application in operational management, control of implementation.
  • Technology of a production process and implementation of each company product (business processes). The assessment of technology includes the analysis of how the main parts of business process are carried out: analysis of a product consumer properties, its designing, completing items purchasing, production, quality control, implementation and after-sale maintenance.
  • Accomplishment technology of key management functions by the company in general, including functions of market analysis, strategic and operational planning, control and accounting for the implementation of plans, spread finances and accounting of cash flow, carrying out personnel policy, etc.
  • Structure of the company’s management, i.e. relationship between procedures that constitute a business process and the key management functions. During an assessment management model, clearness of separation into functional and operating units, structure of administrative subordination and functional interaction, the scheme of information flows, and also their compliance of strategy and management model is analyzed.