The Apercon Company provides an integrated approach in the solution of business tasks. Now, a necessary condition for effective development and functioning of your company is implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) — system. 

Construction of enterprise resource planning allows most efficient way to organize the production and processing of orders, control and cash flow planning, procurement, trade and logistics. Automation of the described and optimized business processes doesn’t gives company additional competitive advantages without ERP system implementation.

We use own approved methodologies and techniques of leading companies, knowledge of our specialists, who have professional and high-quality long-term experience in business consulting and management relevant services of large industrial enterprises, from the diagnostic phase of the enterprise and to implementation of high-tech tools for business management.
Implementation of ERP-systems requires experience of such professionals who analyzed previously existing business processes, then create a system project that takes into account all the needs and objectives of the Customer’s business, and only after that stage, start step-by-step implementation of ERP system, carrying out all necessary organizational and related activities with the Customer’s team .

The decisions provided in the field of implementation of corporate ERP systems, CRM, SRM, HR are determined, first of all by a specific objective of the Customer and are fulfilled jointly, using adequate tools from global manufacturers and possibility of the Customer. 

We offer to work together that will provide your business:

  • Using the expertise of our specialists in the design of ERP systems at the entities of large and medium businesses.
  • Availability of creative strategy and plans, the ideas providing customer-oriented approach and adequate cost of resources.
  • Availability of professional experienced managers and consultants in the field of project management and Business process modeling, capable of rapidly, quickly and efficiently to solve tasks on the basis of the available methods.
  •  Orientation of your business to modern and technological approach of managing in promptly developing market of ERP systems and web technologies which, undoubtedly, will provide you with efficiency.
  • Integration with leaders of the ERP systems developers industry.