Training center

Business trainings are the training method allowing in a short time (from 1 to 5 days) increase overall performance due to acquisition of practical knowledge, training of abilities and improvement of professional skills. 

The Apercon Company carries out business trainings for CEO and the managerial personnel, including a full range of works on the organization of corporate universities for the large companies. 

Stages of works on preparation and training delivery

1. Prework:

1.1. Problem definition.

1.2. Preparation of the preliminary offer on the decision objective.

1.3. Receipt of information in a mode of feedback and introduction of the necessary changes in the work program.

1.4. Diagnostic procedures: questioning, interviewing, business game, brain storm, etc.

1.5. Determination of criteria for an assessment of participants of training.

1.6. Training program development.

2. Training.

3. Postwork:

3.1. Preparation of the report on results of training and plan of the subsequent actions for training.

3.2. Posttraining support – consultation of the Customer on a subject of training and the problems revealed in a work progress (specialized seminars, business and role plays, questioning, etc.).

Optional services

According to the Customer’s choice:

– During Training a business game can be developed and held for learning and simultaneously a diagnostic nature, by the results of which will be prepared a Written opinion on the current level of knowledge and skills (in specified areas of the pre-agreed criteria) about each participants of the business game;

– After Training complete there may be given verbal or written description of the psychological portraits about each of the participants.

Stages of works on preparation and training delivery

Within each subject we offer programs in three levels of complexity:

  • basic
  • advanced
  • professional

While working we use a wide range of method, they are constantly improving:

  • Individual work participants
  • Teamwork
  • Brainstorm
  • Business and Role Playing
  • Video analysis of information
  • Practical exercises (case study)
  • Other

Our trainers:

Our trainers – the certified specialists in training.

Our trainers got an education in the best Russian, Ukrainian and western higher education institutions and accumulated wide practical experience of work in the domestic and foreign companies. 

Our materials:

During materials development we are using experience and the newest techniques of leading Russian, Ukrainian and foreign trainers consultants in the field of personnel training.

Each participant receives all distributing materials necessary for training: education guidance, brochures, video clips, etc. It allows to raise level of assimilation of information and in the future to have opportunity constantly to use educational guidance. 

Group size:

The group size for training is caused by several factors:

  • training subject
  • complexity level

The size of group can fluctuate from 6 to 20 people, depending on a subject and the training purposes. The optimum size of group – 8-12 people. 

Venue of trainings:

We hold our seminars and trainings on the Customer territory, indoor, in specially prepared training audiences, and outdoor (some training for cohesive management team is better to spend outdoor, for example). 

Duration of training:

Problem definition, preparation of proposals to deal with it is advisable to begin in 10-15 working days before the scheduled date of the training in order to carry out diagnostic procedures, together with the heads of the client company to develop the final layout of the training program and to determine the criteria for assessing the participants.

“Apercon Consulting” consultants have developed and tested a day (Express program), two-, three – , five- day training program.

After the training we provide support – consultation of CEOs and participants of training on a subject of training and the problems revealed in a work progress.