Management consulting

The purposes of projects performed by the Apercon company on management consulting can always be different, however, their meaning one — insuring success of the company in the market. 

Today, in the conditions of fiercer competition in the markets, the demand for management consulting is especially important.
CEOs call in consultant’s aid, as a rule, in case of planned changes in activities of the company, loss in performance of these activities (including crisis) or unclear prospects for further work. Many CEOs get today into a situation when the organization becomes unmanageable, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Effective management in modern market conditions — a necessary condition for improving business efficiency, creation, development and implementation of competitive advantages of the company.

Before the modern CEO arise strategic questions of a choice in the direction of business development and determination of key competitive advantages of the company. Development of such vision and competence management organization is a key, entrepreneurial function of company management.

Much attention by company management is forced to pay to a question of structures optimization. At the same time, for the modern CEO the question of creation a system and technology of management which provides effective operating activities in the company is equally important.

Successful strategy can’t arise “from within” the company, only on the basis of its competence, and is introduce “from the outside”, as result of vision of its role in the market environment. Therefore, when considering the development and growth areas of business performance Top management focuses not only on their own strength and experience of its employees, but also on the expert advice of specialized consulting firms. This allows you to get a significant gain in time and quality of decisions.

Every manager would like to see problems in company activities from outside, a «fresh» look. In this case we cannot handle without skilled and experienced external consultants. More info

Strategic management — is a guarantee of consecutive, structural and effective development of the company. At each stage of work Apercon consultants develop strategic thinking of CEOs and prepare the company for new business scale.  More info

Modern approach to creation of a management system is performed based on maintenance of business processes in an actual condition constantly, instead of during definitely short period.  More info

The Balanced Scorecard Forms a basis for planning, controlling and the analysis of activities of the company on the strategic horizon.More info

Creating a system of effective management of operational processes will allow you to solve one of the main tasks of modern management of the Company. We will help to develop organizational structure of your Company. More info

Complex systems of documentary management will allow installing common principles of work with documents at all levels of management. More info

One of the main tasks of modern management of the company is creation a system of effective management by operational processes.More info;

The Apercon Company offers joint development of programs for professional and personal development of top managers, for business increase. More info

With high professional and management potential, necessary experience, gained techniques and the ability to create cross-functional team of experts, which include industry experts, we provide consulting projects in various industries of the market, such as: engineering industry, mining and processing of oil, ferrous and non- ferrous metallurgy, pharmaceuticals and banks. In addition, the focus of Apercon attention: production and sale of food commodity, agricultural market, information services, chemical industry, printing, packaging, tourism and hotel business, transport companies, etc.

When solving problems our experts use as an expert approach as form of process consulting. Currently, this form of management consulting is the most effective for the client. Process consulting focuses CEOs and Employees to open teamwork, during which Apercon consultants perform as directly consultation function, as an individual and group training.

The result of the Process consulting is creation in the company an effective team of own professional experts able to solve independently the most complex problems of business development.