Organizational consulting

One of the main tasks of modern management of the company is creation a system of effective management by operational processes.

It is obvious that such system can’t function without the optimum organizational structure, by representing set of interacting links, directed on complete activity and organization development. Such structure gives company a chance to carry out the most rational interaction with the external and internal environment, most effectively to reach purposes, proceeding from the general strategy of the organization.

The structure of management has to answer the general principles of management, including company objects and tasks, to provide optimum division of labor, to be adequate to internal conditions and environment.

Division of management structures into two main types is represented to the most rational: mechanistic, including formalized, the bureaucratic structures applied in the organizations, working in the settled stable conditions, and organic – the adaptive flexible structures, suitable managements for implementation in the conditions of innovations and uncertainty of environment.

Organizational structure – it is the scheme on which divisions and interrelations between them are specified. It shall reflect logic of functioning of the organization and correspond to strategic directions of its development.

In what cases it is reasonable to use this service:

  • employees have no clear understanding of the one who and for what bears responsibility
  • interrelations between divisions and certain employees aren’t optimum, there are “irresponsibility” zones or duplication zones
  • efficiency of functional processes doesn’t allow to warn negative results and to enhance activity
  • the structure of the organization doesn’t reflect real processes of its functioning — distinction in administrative and functional subordination leads to mishaps and conflicts.

Content and consultation procedure

Optimization of organizational structure of the Company requires consecutive accomplishment of the following steps:

  • Express-analysis of requirements for consultation.
  • Diagnostics of existing structures in organization (organizational, functional, information, personnel).
  • Formation of development strategy.
  • Reorganization of business processes (activities).
  • Reorganization of key management functions.
  • Reorganization in Company structure of management.
  • Staff training.
  • Implementation of changes.