Management skills

The Apercon Company offers joint development of programs for professional and personal development of top managers, for business increase.

Efficiency of business and productivity of employees’ activity substantially depends on professionalism of managers. Formation of the training program on the basis of an assessment of CEOs and their specific request inquiries, the combination of seminars, trainings and individual occupations allow providing achievement in a level of development of administrative knowledge necessary for the company and skills of an administrative board of the company.


  • organization develops and changes, it’s time to professionally supervise the company;
  • Do you think that the requirements for the heads of departments, to their managerial knowledge and skills have changed;
  • the management team works inefficiently, it is necessary to change a situation fundamentally;
  • in the Company there took place reorganization and good experts who, however, have no experience of professional management are appointed to a position of CEOs.

 You surely have to increase efficiency of a management team!

This requires a joint program development in a comprehensive approach to the implementation of business objects in the field of professional and personal development of top managers.

The main subjects of the training program and consulting are:

  • Setting goals and planning to achieve them
  • Formation and development of Corporate Culture
  • Principles of company organizational structure creation
  • Decision-making strategy
  • Skills of successful leaders
  • Team Building and team interaction skills
  • How to prevent and resolve team conflicts
  • How to use crisis situations for team development
  • How to set tasks to the employees and supervise their implementation
  • Features of work in projects
  • How to resist stress and manipulations
  • How to hold effective meetings
  • Technology of forming a system of motivation
  • How to motivate staff to achieve Company objects
  • Negotiation skills
  • Skills speech before a group of people