About us

Our mission

The Apercon Company, dynamically developing, expanding a range of provided high-quality services based on an individual approach to needs of each consumer, creating new opportunities for economic development and the promising future for children.

Our values

Our main values – continuous improvement, team work and leadership, customer focus and social responsibility, help us to reach a high development level of our team. The cooperation with our Customers is based on our values and business ethics.

Lessons, which we received from financial crisis, demonstrated influence of decisions and actions of private business on public wellbeing. The majority of the companies, even in the conditions of the tighter budget and reducing the income, give more and more attention to operational management, increasing quality of business and public relations as a whole. We actively take part in this process, realizing the principle of the corporate liability. 

Our team

Our team deservedly has trust and a high professional rating in the market of services. Long-term manage practice, continuous improvement and development, allowed to form unique team of the professionals having the corresponding certifications and practical achievements. Professional consultants of our team are oriented to various spheres of economy and business. We help our clients to solve difficult business challenges, to set the new purposes for strengthening of their opportunities, creation of additional value, risk management and performance improvement. As business consultants we always play a significant role in the evolution of the companies. We are proud that our team helps to create additional benefits, strengthening trust of our Customers.

 Corporate liability

Mentorship, training, development and ecological management — the main directions of corporate liability principles.

Due to our values, which provide a responsible approach to society, we create an environment that promotes development of talents and adoption of new decisions for business development of our Clients.

Result of work with us is an increase in intrinsic value of the Client, increase of activities efficiency, competitive advantage strengthening through an optimum and transparent management system.

We support entrepreneurship, which creates new opportunities for development of economy, macroeconomic indicators and creates workplaces.

Our team plays an important role in creating a promising future for the children.