Document management

Complex systems of documentary management will allow installing common principles of work with documents at all levels of management.

Document Management System (DMS) – type of business management, which includes recording, transfer and storage of information about condition of the company and control actions to change its state. Document Management System (DMS) is not only to provide CEOs with information, but it is a way of doing business and the practical implementation of the company’s management.

The main purpose of consulting in the field of workflow management is to establish uniform principles of working with documents at all levels of government, business document management, reducing the quantity and improving the quality of documents, creation of conditions for the effective use of advanced equipment and technologies for collecting, data processing, flow and analysis of information, improving the work administrative apparatus.

In what cases it is reasonable to use this service:

  • to improve the management and efficiency of company management;
  • to facilitate the management of all activities of the company (regulation of business processes, teamwork actualized by regulations);
  • to improve the competitiveness through faster decision-making, quality and timely execution of decisions.

Document management consulting

To determine the directions of work to optimize document management and work flow is recommended to conduct a rapid diagnosis, which will more accurately estimate the volume of work. Cost of express –diagnostics is considered when determining the total cost of the work.

  • Express-Analysis of samples of the existing internal documentation and document management;
  • Express-Analysis of the existing paper work (practice working with documents, document storage practice, work formation practice);
  • Blitz –interviewing company Management, office staff;
  • Prepare Express-Report on the Diagnosis Result and recommendations for optimization technologies of document management (the offered list of works).
  • Examination and preparation of materials by diagnostics results of document management system includes the following works:
  • analysis of internal documentation samples and classification of documents;
  • analysis of existing document management of the Company;
  • the analysis of existing office-work (practice working with documents, document storage practice, work formation practice, compliance to existing standards and norms);
  • analysis of File Register;
  • questioning employees of specialized units and other units involved in the company document management in order to identify the actual state of technologies that are used and practice in company document management and in documenting of every taken decisions;
  • interviewing company management, specialized staff and other divisions;
  • prepare report on the diagnosis result of documentation management system, the analysis of the obtained data, including creation of schemes for realization documentation management system, models “as it is”, preparation of recommendations about optimization of documentation management system technologies, including optimization of structure in specialized divisions.

  • Development of the concept on document management system;
  • Development package of regulatory documents;
  • Develop recommendations for improving nomenclature documentation in the company;
  • Maintenance the introduction of document management system.
  • Integrated setting of document management system includes the following works:
  • Diagnostics of document management system;
  • Design of document management system;
  • Introduction of document management system;
  • Training of the employees responsible for documentation and office-work;
  • Trial operation of document management system.
  • development of regulations on document management system;
  • development a list of regulations for implementation document management system;
  • develop recommendations for improving nomenclature documentation in the company;
  • develop an album of documentation form for the company;
  • development of changes regulations in document management system.
  • Organization of Document automation includes the following works:
  • the analysis of existing system, identification of non-optimal zones within life cycle of the main documents, development the concept of future document management system;
  • creation of the documents regulating activity of officials and divisions during the work with documents (including the documentation of decisions) with the duration of the execution of certain works, documents and forms used by those responsible for completing the process as a whole ;
  • creation an optimal routes of basic documents in the company;
  • setting, configuration of the automated system, personnel training to work with it and technical support operating systems.