Development of professional competence profiles

Company Apercon will help you to create the basic internal regulations – corporate professional standards defining the requirements for professional competence of personnel positions.

Professional standards – regulations containing the list of requirements for assessing the skill level in conducting certification and certification of personnel.

Corporate professional standard (CPS) – a kind of professional standard for use in assessing the level of qualification (certification) personnel at enterprises (organizations).

Corporate professional standard is the document based on which personnel decisions are made. They allow you to make personnel decisions more objective process that solves many problems in the application of the Labor Code concerning rewards, punishments and certain articles of dismissal. This allows us to make process of personnel decisions transparent and understandable for both managers and employees, which has great motivating value. This is the basis for constructing an open, but not permissive corporate culture, which allows rational planning staff development.

Corporate professional standards are based on the structure of production (the processes proceeding at the enterprise / in the organization).

Standards are developed in the context of development and systematization of the company’s quality system requirements to the level of staff and serve as a tool for its assessment (certification). Developed standards must satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9000 series, 10000 and 14000 to the level of qualification of personnel, procedures for its assessment (certification) and confirmation as a standard system of company quality.

Corporate professional standards are developed on all list of positions (professions) of the personnel participating in this or that certain process of a production activity of the company and can be considered as information matrix or an information field of a profession. The developed and approved standard is the document identifying:

  • work performed by a particular category of personnel (professional duties and responsibilities)and demanded for their implementation
  • level of basic education and experience
  • professional key knowledge and skills
  • professionally significant personal qualities
  • state of health

The developed standards are that professional minimum to which employees have to correspond in holding a concrete position.

In parallel with the standards developed and formed the evaluation system (certification) of professional competence (qualifications) staff, the basis for which standards are developed and serve.

Thus, corporate professional standard serves as the basis for constructing a system of personnel management in company, as a basis for the functioning of its basic technologies:

  • staff recruitment – as the criteria for definition a level of candidates competence and its comparison with company requirements
  • staff evaluation – as the criteria of an assessment which is at the same time defining its technologies and procedures
  • staff training – as a source of determining training needs through the acquisition of data on “gaps” in the competence of employees
  • development of a personnel reserve – as a tool to identify areas of development and the level of readiness to engage posts
  • motivations of the personnel – as one of tools for determination of professional growth and personnel ranging

Corporate professional standards are the main internal normative documents defining requirements of the company/the enterprise to professional competence (qualification) of the employee at a position. The system of corporate professional standard covers all personnel of the company on sectors of a production activity.