Development of incentive systems

Development of incentive systems will allow you to encourage improvement of the quality of work, responsibility, operational discipline, as well as to increase the loyalty and interest in the success of the organization. We will help make your business more efficient. 

Development and deployment of incentive systems includes a number of consecutive stages:

1. Developed on the basis of a balanced scorecard scorecards for the staff of the company are formed;

2. Developed (adjusted) position tasks on personnel motivation, situation on wages and moral encouragement;

3. The method on summing up work of the company is developed:

– by results of management accounting (the budget committee);
– by results of regulations accomplishment and processes on the company (process committee).

4. To issue an order about company change in motivation system

5. Testing of motivation system (on scorecard) is held

6. a. Scorecard and standard rates of performance indicators (in 1 month) are specified and adjusted
6. b. Salary accounting procedure (in parallel) is automated

7. The system of motivation starts working.

8. The results of work and payment to the personnel by results of purposes accomplishment and work indicators are summed up

9. Standard rates and target indicators values (next month) are reviewed

10. Assessment indicators (added or excluded)are reviewed (1 quarterly)

Correctly Motivated Personnel — a Basis of Company Development!