Analysis of business and financial performance indicators

The Apercon company performs support and assistance to management in development of forecast vision of consequences by made management decisions in form of indicators connected with profitability and risk of your business. 

In the face of fierce competition requires a high concentration of the company’s management to identify possible reserves and detection risks for implementing the company’s strategy. Modern business philosophy requires an innovative approach to management of the company, a company performance on an advancing of possible negative consequences and anticipation of threats

Rendering of services according to the analysis of financial and economic activities will help you qualitatively and authentically to manage business, will give additional opportunities to concentrate resources on the most profitable directions and profitable products that is very important for preserving and business development.

The financial and economic analysis will determine a source of profit and costs that will allow to make further decisions, which will be focused on necessary information and on strengthening line items of business.

Services in the analysis of financial and economic activities of the Apercon company include the most various forms of cooperation: from the diagnostic overview to research and maintenance in case of cost management system implementation.

Based on the analysis of financial and economic activities of the company, management quickly reveals existing problems in administration of financial and economic activities of the entity and determines the directions for investments.

Due to analysis of business and financial performance indicators creating tools for:

  • managements of a company capital structure;
  • identify opportunities for financial stability;
  • investment potential;
  • profit maximization;
  • creations mechanisms for management effectiveness;
  • build quality processes in the field of financial management of the enterprise, transparent for all interested persons – owners, lenders, investors and others;
  • determinations of the factors which are negatively influencing a financial condition;
  • estimates the reliability of partners;
  • assessment of possible and reasonable company growth ( balanced growth), which the company is able to finance;
  • providing the necessary information for management decision-making in the company.

Subject to financial and economic analysis are:

  • Group companies consolidated statements of business entities, providing access and transparent, reliable information for all interested persons – owners, creditors, investors, etc.;
  • statements of individual entities of group in relation to other companies of group;
  • complex financial and economic activity: non-financial areas, and also the directions perspective for this type of business.

The analysis of financial and economic activities of your company will give the chance:

  • to see interrelation between costs, sales amount and the price;
  • to make decisions on pricing/development of tariff plans;
  • to perform the cost dynamics analysis in case of calculations of expenditure and first cost;
  • to perform the cost-sensitivity analysis, for the purpose of efficiency increasing in strategic planning;
  • to calculate a break-even point, to estimate a payback period of costs;
  • to increase quality of accounting; to determine the optimization direction of business — processes;
  • to make the profitability analysis of products and clients; to develop the system of motivation, answering the purpose and business processes of the company.