Business Planning

Business planning — one of the most important prerequisites of optimal control of a production process at the entity, creation of the plan, a method of future actions, determination of economic content and sequence of the actions, which are conducting to the planned purpose.

Company «Apercon» offers services in financial and investment consulting. We assist in preparing a business plan for the enterprise , the feasibility study ( feasibility study ) , marketing research ( allowing arm’s length basis assessment of the market and the role of specific companies on it, and consequently determine the ways of development), development of investment projects , conduct a comprehensive financial analysis of enterprises, preparation of investment memorandums and business plans for supporting the projects in terms of protection to investors and potential lenders, assistance in financing projects, organization of the project, investor protection, maintenance and updating of project consulting on project financing, advice on fundraising and other services in the field of financial consulting.

Business plan gives the company anticipated development strategy, and the investor decides whether to invest money in this project, considering its risk degree. Writing a business plan will help you find the most convenient way of development, avoiding possible errors and losses.

Business planning helps to resolve the following issues:

  • what products to choose on the domestic or foreign market;
  • what will be market price of offered products;
  • what expenses can appear in case of production organization and sales of products on the market;
  • what market demand for offered products and service now and how it will change;
  • what resources are needed and in what quantities would be required to establish a business project , and how much they will cost and what suppliers to cooperate with;
  • what will be the income and how properly divide it between all participants of a business project;
  • what are the company performance indicators and how they can be improved.

Business planning, investment decisions – not only a method to get a refund on the invested capital.  For owners and management it is opportunity to create and increase competitive advantages of the company, having influenced thereby further growth of its cost. Investment projects providing future growth determine all activities of the company, differing the scale and influence on its business.

Business plan development — the beginning of any successful investment project.