Personnel recruitment

We strengthen stands of our clients and we create conditions for their successful development, involving CEOs with high professional level and necessary management qualities. 

The key to success of any company is its team of managers.  Thus, professionalism and management qualities of the CEOs are key factors which predetermine success of the company.

Apercon company aims — contribute to prosperity of the clients company by forming of strong management team through involvement the best leadsmen.

Assisting in attracting management resources, we are strengthening the competitive position of the client and create the conditions for further successful development in current pipeline.

 Team of consultants

Apercon consultants speak on a vernacular of the client and understand specifics of industries in which they work. It works well, first of all, thanks to specialization on certain sectors of business and to maintenance of regular contacts with top managers and specialists in these areas.

Professionalism of our consultants and high quality of work performed by them is reached thanks to knowledge and skills in the field of personnel consultation, including target search, and also thanks to the considerable managerial experience gained in years of work in the known Ukrainian and international companies.

Deep understanding of the objects, tasks and needs of the Client, flexible approach in work with him, considerably distinguish our team of consultants for search of management personnel.

 – Recruitment & Selection

– Executive Search

– Headhunting

– Subscription Service

Recruitment & Selection – selection of middle managers and administrative staff.

Executive Search – (“direct”, ”target” or “focused” search) – it is a long and complicated method of finding the best specialists whose attention cannot be held by placing advertisements, professionals who are carriers of business, business technology , whose work is valued where they are working at the moment , and therefore, as a rule they are not interested in finding a new job .

Application of Technology Executive Search allows to make management decisions based on reliable market facts, comparing alternatives for hire candidates. Studying the experience of competing companies profiled and the successful solution of similar problems in the market helps to determine the best professionals who fit the profile of the position and motivated to transition into the business of the Client.

Headhunting – the ability of “pointwise” getting an exclusive highly qualified specialists, senior executives who are not in finding a new job .

This technology is used in a situation where it is necessary to carry out the project on the selection of candidates who have a decisive influence on the company’s business, capable of determining the strategy and ensure its implementation.

Subscription service – range of services provided to the Customer under the contract for the provision of the agreed scope of services for a fixed monthly fee.

Apercon Consulting offers projects for Subscription Service, allowing our clients to reduce their costs and to solve important problems arising in the regular recruitment of personnel for various positions.